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My co-author, Morganna Williams, and I are thrilled to announce that Taken, the first in our action-packed, high-heat, sci-fi romance series, is arriving on April 29th!

Feast your eyes on the sexy cover...

Cover Art: Fantasia Frog Designs

Preorder your sexy cyborg with a 1-click today!


Stranded at the edge of the galaxy, and forgotten by Earth in the wake of tragedy, the small group of survivors on Walker Colony turn to their founder's granddaughter to lead them. With dwindling supplies and an abundance of failing equipment, Shayla keeps the life support systems running with little more than her wits and duct tape as they wait for a ship that may never come.

Built to be faster, larger, and more powerful than human men, cyborgs are the perfect killing machines. The only mistake their creators made was giving them the ability to think and learn. Although fearsome and formidable, they are also enlightened and conscious of their human emotions. They rebel against their programming, escape their enslavement on Earth, and begin their search for a safe place to live in peace.

When the cyborgs discover the abandoned humans on Walker Colony, hope is renewed. The twelve surviving women are in desperate need of supplies and support, while the cyborgs require just a small sample of human female DNA to begin the process of ensuring the survival of their race. To protect the humans, the imposing cyborg captain decrees all women are hands-off. Yet, once Freeman sees the fiery-haired Shayla, the powerful leader is on the verge of breaking his own rules.

As she learns more about the cyborgs' heart-wrenching story, Shayla agrees to help. Convincing the other survivors to join her won’t be easy. With the colony crumbling around them, a deal is struck, but a malevolent force is bearing down on them as secrets and betrayals jeopardize their mission. Will the threat result in tragedy for the colonists, or will Free and his cyborgs come to their defense, risking their hard-fought freedom in the process?

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