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Absolutely Alpha:

The Full Package

Overflowing with serious Sirs, commanding cowboys, masterful millionaires, and much more, Absolutely Alpha is the full package featuring four dozen irresistibly dominant heroes in one compelling collection. Whether you have time to binge the entire set in one marathon sitting or will treat yourself to a single scintillating short at a time, you're certain to find something to please.

Intended for adult audiences - 18 and over.
An excerpt from Full of Surprises

“Miss Honeywell, I’d like to see you in my office.”

Her fingers froze on her keyboard. Her boss wasn’t usually so formal. Except on the day of her interview, he always called her Ainsley. Intending to ask about the abrupt change, when she swiveled in her chair to face him, the question evaporated on her tongue. Long, lean, and heartstoppingly handsome, Garrett Walsh starred in every naughty dream she’d had since coming to work for him almost a year ago. Usually, she’d wake up sweating, the images of them together incredibly graphic and in color, which was odd since she almost always dreamed in black and white. She wasn’t surprised; everything about the CEO and founder of Walsh Global, Ltd., one of the top five tech firms in the world, was larger than life. But her fantasies didn’t make her jaw drop, and they didn’t chase away every thought in her head, at least not right now. It was seeing him striding into her office soaking wet that did it.

Water dripped off the end of his nose, and his thick, wavy hair lay plastered to his head, the honey-brown color she found so appealing shades darker when wet. She imagined this was how he looked fresh from a shower, except for the suit, of course. Water beaded on the shoulders of his summer-weight linen jacket, while the rest of it clung to him like a second skin. He wasn’t wearing a tie, and the skin visible in the V of his open collar glistened.

Her gaze shifted over his shoulder to the rivulets of rain running down the windows. Focused on getting done all she had to do before the close of business, she hadn’t noticed when it started. “The storms weren’t forecast to arrive until this evening.”

“That’s what I thought. And they call meteorology a science,” he muttered testily as he shook his head, sending a spray of water across her desk. “If my calculations were accurate less than half the time, I would have gone bankrupt a decade ago.”

More rainwater dripped off him as he shrugged out of his jacket and dropped it over the guest chair next to her desk. One of the sleeves didn’t quite make it and landed dangerously close to the stack of completed contracts she’d been working on all day. If they got wet and the ink smeared, it would mean hours of extra work and further delays when she had to route them for a second time to the legal department. As behind as the attorneys were, it might be days before they reviewed them and into next week before her boss, who told her he wanted them out today, got them back for a signature.

She reached for the wet garment. “Let me take care of this, and I’ll be right in.”

“Leave it,” he ordered. “What we need to discuss cannot wait.”

Curious over what could be so urgent, Ainsley didn’t get a chance to ask because Garrett had already crossed the small reception area and disappeared inside his office when she glanced up. Ainsley stared after him, her curiosity now confusion. The cool, clipped tone he had used just now was usually reserved for one of his department heads who had done something unforgivable and was on their way out.

He didn’t terminate without cause and never came to a decision lightly, but once Garrett made up his mind, he acted swiftly, wanting a clean break. By the time the unfortunate executive arrived at his office, the meeting unvaryingly scheduled at the end of the day, legal had cleared it, IT had already disabled their computer access, HR had prepared the necessary separation documents including their final paycheck, and security was on standby to escort the usually upset, often volatile, former employee from the building and off the premises.


There was no point arguing with him, although most tried. As the old saying went, it was all over but the crying. And she’d seen her share of that.

They weren’t even given the opportunity to return to their office to gather their personal belongings. Those were packed up and couriered to their residence the same day. Garrett did it this way not to keep disgruntled employees who were convinced he had treated them unfairly from giving him a final, and very public, fuck you, but to prevent them from sowing discontent among the staff or collecting sensitive information—client lists, research and development progress reports, or marketing plans—that could severely disadvantage the company if it was shared with competitors.

The only other person who knew about an upcoming change in the handful of senior personnel who reported directly to the president, founder, and CEO, was his executive assistant.

Ainsley glanced at her computer and the Outlook calendar. She always kept open on her desktop. She didn’t recall a late meeting.

A knot of dread formed in the pit of her stomach.

She’d read in an article once to take being abruptly cut out of the communication loop as a definitive sign your time was up. She’d certainly been left in the dark about whatever this was. But she hadn’t made any unforgivable and career-ending mistakes.


No, that couldn’t be it. She’d already apologized profusely, and he’d assured her they were good. Maybe she was reading too much into his tone.

“Now, Miss Honeywell.” The tersely stated order, said in the same chilling tenor, floated out through his office door.

Ainsley licked her dry lips as she eyed the remaining inch separating the contracts and the ever-widening puddle beneath his coat sleeve. Anger suddenly sparked within her.

The big liar!

Being good didn’t usually result in someone getting the axe. Besides, the misunderstanding the other night had occurred outside of work hours, and she’d been drinking. But it was a picnic, both the temperature and humidity soaring, and the ice-cold beer on tap too tempting to pass up. She wasn’t sure how many ounces were in a red Solo cup, but when filled to the rim, more than a standard 12-ounce bottle or can, surely.

Reflecting on last Saturday, it was probably more like two cups—double her personal limit—but it was a celebration. How could he be so small-minded as to hold anything she did while tipsy against her?

After calling and leaving at least three rambling, embarrassing messages on his cell on Sunday, she had come in on Monday and tried to make it right. If that wasn’t good enough after working her ass off for him for nearly a year and doing such a bang-up job of it, she put all his previous assistants to shame—his words—then he could retype his own ruined contracts. After all, it was his drenched jacket in danger of fucking them up in the first place.


Screw the contracts.

Screw his coat—a $500 Michael Kors from Lord and Taylor that she had selected for him and carted back and forth three times for alterations.

And screw him!

She’d like to see him find someone else as good as her who wouldn’t bitch about all the non-work-related tasks she did. Like making his dinner reservations, both business and social, and picking up his dry cleaning—how clichéd was that?—and shopping for his clothes, which he hated, and, never mind running by the 24-hour CVS after midnight to get his flu medicine when he was burning up with a fever last month. One might argue that these tasks freed the CEO to take care of business, so it was company-related.

Ainsley never really minded and never complained, especially about shopping without a spending limit at stores where she couldn’t afford to buy a pair of socks. Still, she didn’t like being taken for granted and now deemed expendable.

Fuming, she moved out from behind her desk, leaving everything as is, including the sleeve of his wet coat, and prepared to storm the citadel, what she privately called his office, planning to tell him exactly what she thought of his surprise attack. Some of her bravado wavered when she drew even with the outer door. She stopped and peeked through the glass, searching for signs of blue security uniforms. Seeing none, her temper faded as quickly as it had ignited.

Was she borrowing trouble as her mother always accused her of doing?

When she moved to the doorway and saw him leaning against his desk, head down, ankles crossed, both hands curled around the front edge as he waited for her, she stopped short, practically lurching to a halt. She had seen this brooding, silent stance numerous times; it usually meant trouble for the next person through the door.

Primarian Mates:
The Complete Series

Two worlds in crisis.
Two missions that must be fulfilled by any means.
But at what price?

In a distant galaxy, under twin suns and a purple sky, a team of Earth scientists explores a jungle planet hopeful they have at last found a suitable new home for their people. Set upon by aliens they soon learn these warriors aren't quite what they seem. They have a mission of their own and the female scientists who are remarkably like them, are much too tempting to ignore.

Whisked away to a far-off world, the Odyssey's crew find themselves mated to these powerful men. Expected to comply with the rules of both an old-fashioned and yet surprisingly advanced society, the women struggle with their new roles by testing limits, denying their fates, and ultimately escaping.

Brought together again through an interstellar treaty, both the scientists and the warriors must face down the challenges of integrating their two differently-minded societies. Can there be a solution to the ill-fated futures of both Earth and Primaria?

The Jackson Brothers Series
Marshal's Law
When Janelle Prescott is thrown from her car as it careens off a slippery road, she expects to wake up in a hospital. Instead, to her utter disbelief, she wakes up in a jail cell that looks like something from an old western movie set. It is there, hurt and alone, with no idea what happened or how she will get back home, that Janelle first meets Aaron Jackson. As she regains her wits, however, Janelle realizes that something is terribly amiss, and her worst fears are confirmed when she learns that Aaron is the marshal of Cheyenne County, Wyoming... and the year is 1878.
Having little choice, Janelle must learn how to live as a woman in the old west, including submitting to the firm-handed marshal who, in spite of everything, seems to have laid claim to her heart.
Jackson's Justice
Twenty-year-old Jenny Harper has been in love with Heath Jackson since the day she saw him leap from a galloping horse to save an old woman when she was eleven years old. Over the years, Jenny has watched the women swarm around Heath, but she has her heart set on him and she is not one to give up easily. One way or another, she will show Heath she is a grown woman, ready for a husband, not the child he remembers tagging along after his younger brother.
Unfortunately for Jenny, ever since he was left at the altar by a foolish girl who ran off to marry a wealthy old man, Heath Jackson has sworn off marriage, preferring instead the company of widows and saloon girls. And in any case, though he has secretly lusted after her for years, as far as Heath is concerned Jenny is too young, too much like family, and too eager to wed.

But when tragedy strikes, putting more on Jenny’s shoulders than she can bear, her only hope of saving her family home lies in marrying quickly. Can Heath sit back while other men vie for her affections? Or will he stand up and claim what should be his, even if it means risking his heart again?
Wild Wisteria
Luke Jackson is drawn to beautiful, impetuous Wisteria Turner from the first moment he sees her. She is alone in a strange town and in trouble with the law, and she is reluctant to trust anyone, but Luke is not a man who backs down from a challenge. He is bound and determined to give Wisteria the help she needs, even if that means giving her a good, hard spanking to get her attention first.

Despite her hesitation, Wisteria is swept off her feet by Luke’s chivalry and bold dominance, and she finds pleasure in his arms like nothing she ever imagined. But after a night of incredible passion, a horrible misunderstanding shatters their newfound romance and her fragile trust. She flees Luke’s loving arms, only to encounter hardships, danger, and much more trouble than she bargained for.

When circumstances force Wisteria to return to Luke’s hometown, she does her best to keep the secret she has hidden since that night. Once the truth comes out, however, Luke puts his foot down. He makes it clear that he’ll be watching out for Wisteria from now on, whether she likes it or not. But can she ever truly set the pain of her past aside and embrace the promise of this good man and his loving family? Or will her wild nature continue to put up fences that will forever keep them apart?
Club Decadence

You won't find a club more exclusive than this.

They're sexy-as-hell, tough-as-nails, and home from war to start the next chapters in their lives. By day they walk the fine line between citizens and mercenaries as they fight to take down a drug kingpin. By night they're the proprietors of Club Decadence, where fine lines don't exist, and members indulge in every delight the lifestyle has to offer. Any woman daring enough to join the club and say yes to one of these masterful alphas just might get exactly what she's looking for – including a happily-ever-after.

USA Today bestselling author Maddie Taylor's beloved contemporary series is now available in one steamy set. Get seven standalone romances under one cover and enjoy all the fringe benefits to be found in this very exciting, very exclusive club.