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The Cyborg Liberation Continues...

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Built to be faster, larger, and more powerful than human men, cyborgs are the perfect killing machines. The only mistake their creators made was giving them the ability to think and to learn. Although fearsome and formidable, they are also enlightened and conscious of their human emotions. They rebel against their programming, escape their enslavement on Earth, and begin their search for a safe place to live in peace. But their quest for a new home is tempered by another need: females to end their lonely existence and ensure the survival of their race.

Broken: Cyborg Liberation, Book 3

He was created to do their dirty work. Now, he'll exact his revenge through one of their own... if he can resist her. 
Humans made me, enslaved me, and ordered me to do unspeakable things. Years later, the cries of my victims still haunt me. How will I ever forgive myself? Even if I can't, I have vowed that those responsible will pay.

When the daughter of Cybertek's CEO conveniently falls into my lap, I know what I must do. Through her, I will have my vengeance. 

But my boiling rage gives way to something I never expected. Her laugh, her intoxicating scent, and her beauty have me conflicted. Suddenly, I need her as intensely as I need my revenge.

Although she is human, a woman I should despise above all others, could she be the antidote to my bitterness? Is it possible to find healing and the peace I've always longed for, in her arms?

 An excerpt from Broken...

     She pulled her T-shirt over her head then worked the button on her jeans.

     “What are you doing?”

     “Getting naked,” she replied, projecting calm even though she was shaking inside. “If sex is what you need, let’s get to it.”

     “No. I don’t want to hurt you.”

     Her hands stilled on the clasp of her bra. He could do more than hurt her. If he lost control, he could easily break her in two. He had the power to do that any time, but he had always reined it in. Even when angry, or when she didn’t follow orders as he expected her to, or when the passion between them ignited then was doused by interruption after interruption, she’d never felt threatened. She felt safe with him, always, even when he took her that first time and when he had spanked her.

     With her, he exerted just the right amount of strength and dominance, and, as he once promised, he never gave her more than she could take. Would what raged through the cyborg change the man he was underneath?

She had to risk it. No way in hell was she leaving him to suffer through this on his own.

     “You don’t have it in you to hurt me,” she said with bravado as she stripped off her bra and shimmied out of her panties. “Yes, you spanked me, but we both know the result of that.”

     Everly had his attention. She could feel his eyes on her as she climbed on the bed and stretched out.

     With speed she knew he had but had never witnessed, he was beside her in an instant. With his hands fisted, his skin gleaming with sweat, his impassioned gaze moved hungrily over her naked body.

     “I’m hanging on by a thread, little general. Get dressed and get out before I take what you’re offering.”

     She reached for him, but he quickly stepped back. “I’m offering because I want you to take me, Rage. And because I want to help you. Please, let me.”

     “You don’t understand. Whatever she gave me, either drugs or, perhaps even back then, it was this insidious, hidden program... Either way, it releases the most carnal side of my nature. I couldn’t contain it then, and I can’t guarantee I can now.”

     “I’ve already proven I want what you want.”

     “You have no idea what I want,” he said in a terrible voice.

     He moved forward, reclaiming the ground he’d yielded to loom over her. When he bent near, her bravado cracked, and she scooted back. He surprised her by following and, with a fist on either side of her, caged her with his body.

     “Let me tell you what you’re asking for. During the next twelve hours, I’ll dominate your body and dictate your every move. Your pleasure and your pain will be mine. I’ll bind you to the bed, keeping your pussy, mouth, and ass open for my possession. Not because I can’t control you without chains, but because I’ll get off on it. If you disobey me, the spanking you received last time will seem like love pats. I’ll do everything that was done to me because there is a darkness inside me, provoked by that bitch’s evil, but she didn’t create it. It has dwelled inside me all along.”

     “No, Rage. That isn’t true.”

     “It is, dammit,” he growled. “As a commando, I spent five years killing at the behest of the human government. You spoke of the goodness in me, but nothing can overshadow the bad I have done. Sometimes when I dream, it isn’t Jillian Reed’s laughter I hear. It’s the screams of my victims from the pain I inflicted.”    He straightened. A black scowl encompassed his face before he went on. “That’s the darkness you’re inviting to your bed. Are you prepared for that? For me? Decide now because I don’t know how much longer I can stand here without touching you.”

     Everly could only stare back at him in horror. Not because of what he wanted to do to her but what the IGC forced on him while they claimed him as property.

     She didn’t blame him for any of it. The fault fell to his programmers and those who gave the orders to kill. But he was free now, except from his memories and whatever program Moondrake Enterprise’s senior-most researcher installed in his head.

     “I can see the revulsion on your face, Everly. Why are you doing this?”

     The answer that came to mind was clear. She loved him. They hadn’t discussed their feelings; there hadn’t been time. She hesitated. Maybe this wasn’t the best time, either.

     He growled in frustration when she didn’t immediately react. “If you won’t leave, I will.”

     If she had any sense, she’d let him. But love makes you do strange things, including staying to help your man through a crisis. They’d think of a way to remove the source of his torment on the other side.

     When he turned to go, Everly bolted from the bed and got between him and the door. If he wouldn’t accept her help, she’d make it so he couldn’t deny her.

     “Move,” he ordered in a low, ominous rumble.

     “I won’t,” she replied, as bold as she was determined. Running her hands up her belly, she cupped her breasts, offering them to him. Then she pinched her nipples as she’d done for him before. “If you want me out of the way, Captain, you’ll have to touch me to do it.”

     From the way his eyes followed her hands, taking in every movement, she knew he wouldn’t. Just in case, she upped the ante for his seduction.

     Moving her feet apart, she slipped one hand between her thighs and dipped two fingers into her pussy. “Ease yourself in me, Rage.” Her voice came out husky as her own desire surged. “Not only for you, but because I need you, too.”

     To prove how much she held up her hand, skin glistening with her wetness. Then, in a move that had shocked her when he’d done it but also increased her longing such that she almost climaxed just from watching, she put her fingers in her mouth and tasted her own juices.

     He made a choking noise, and his chest heaved. Perspiration dotted his brow. Still, the stubborn man stood a foot away, hands fisted at his sides.

     “I’m not afraid of you, Rage. I love you.” There, I said it. “And I’m begging you to ease us both. Tonight, and every night, I’m yours for the taking.”



The Trail Master's Bride 

An old West love story you won't want to miss! 


Forced into an arranged marriage, Mina Hobart has no choice except leave her childhood home and follow her new husband on a dangerous journey westward. Each hot, dusty day on the Oregon Trail is pure misery, and it isn't long before tragedy renders her a widow. Returning home isn’t an option. She presses on, hoping to carve out a life for herself in the new frontier.


Weston Carr, the resourceful, ruggedly handsome trail master, knows the West is no place for an unaccompanied woman. When Mina’s careless ways and sassy tongue bring strife to his wagon train, he has no choice except to take her in hand. But she proves herself a magnet for trouble and it isn't long before scandal and gossip force him to make her his bride.


As Mina surrenders to the pleasure of her new husband's arms, a string of mishaps befalls the wagon train, and she is the prime suspect. Can she convince the others, including her firm-handed husband, that she can be trusted? Or will the nefarious forces from within the wagon train keep her from reaching the end of the trail?


Publisher's Note: The Trail Master's Bride is an old West romance that has been revised, expanded, and republished. It includes sexual scenes and domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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