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Passion and danger are partners in crime in this sizzling legal romance.


Fierce and formidable, attorney Lanie Fischer worked hard to earn her reputation as the Ice Queen. Her colleagues know how well she performs under pressure, and her record of successfully defending her clients speaks for itself. But deep beneath Lanie's steely exterior is a woman who is anything but cold-blooded, and she's slowly crumbling under the weight of her very demanding job. 


Quietly confident and unfailingly firm, law professor Ethan Fischer is done watching his wife suffer for the sake of her career. No matter how he's approached the subject, Lanie has refused to take better care of herself. With his conventional options exhausted, he decides the only way to get through to his wife once and for all is to introduce her to a new form of stress management, which includes quality time bent over his knee.  


Soon, Lanie craves Ethan's inspired new approach to relaxation, releasing her anxieties each time she submits to his loving commands. Just as things are looking up, both personally and professionally, a client she can’t forget threatens her newfound happiness. As a psychopath pursues Lanie with malicious intent, can Ethan defend his wife against the ultimate form of evil? 


Publisher’s Note: Passionate Defense is a suspense-filled, extremely spicy, legal romance originally published under the title Lanie’s Lessons. It has been significantly revised, re-edited, and recovered. It contains power exchange themes and graphic violence, which may be disturbing to some.

Little Light of Mine, out now in Audio!!!
CD3retail sampleTough Love 2: Daddy's Golden Rules Narrated by Nick Mondelli
00:00 / 04:45

When her dark and painful secret becomes too heavy to bear, the only way Elena Lopez can deal with it is by running. Leaving her friends, family, and the love of her life behind, she sets out with the intention of starting over as far away from her demons as she can go. But the promise of a brand-new life is as empty and hollow as living with her grief and shame, and it isn't long before her father's declining health gives her a reason to come home.

Master Sergeant Dex Russell hasn't been the same since leaving the Army, but it isn't the horrors of war that haunt him. Losing Elena was a devastating blow, rendering him an empty shell of the once-good-natured, outgoing man he used to be. When Elena dares to return, the Rossi Security team decides it needs her help to further the ongoing cartel investigation, leaving Dex with no choice but to spend time with the woman whose love and devotion once filled him completely. Can their powerful physical attraction be a stepping stone to healing their broken hearts?

Before Dex can reclaim his little light and take her to task for the one-sided decisions that ripped them apart, the threat from Elena's past must be fully dealt with. As danger closes in on Rossi Security and its inner circle, rebuilding trust isn't the only battle this couple must fight to secure the second chance they both need.

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Tough Love 2: Daddy's Golden Rules Narrated by Nick Mondelli
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Sheriff Sam Golden has three rules for his submissive,
No cursin', no sassin', and always obey Daddy.

Krista Evans knows exactly how cruel life can be. When she was twelve, she lost her dad to war. Then her mother disappeared into the bottom of a bottle. Her heart has been broken, her money stolen, and she's had more than one run-in with the law. What the girl needs is a break. She just can't seem to catch one.

Sheriff Samuel Golden is a lonely man with nothing but work to fill his time. So when he busts a pretty young blonde in the midst of a theft, he's tempted by his immediate attraction to her. She's guilty as sin despite her protests to the contrary, but Sam can sense there's a lost little girl inside of her who just needs to be taught right from wrong.

In lieu of jail, Sam agrees to take Krista in hand for thirty days for some bare-bottom rehabilitation. But when their obvious chemistry becomes unavoidable, Sam will have to choose: resist the lure of the girl who so desperately needs a stern-yet-loving daddy or banish the ghosts of his past.d in length to make a return trip worth your while.


New Tough Love Release!

A love that defies all odds,
even in the face of darkness.

Convinced that romance only exists between the pages of the books she edits, Desiree Gage is giving up. With a past full of nothing but bad dates and disappointment, she’s prepared to face her thirtieth birthday—and very likely the rest of her life—without the passion or love she’s always dreamed of. Then, a stormy night takes a dangerous turn, and Desiree seeks refuge in the most unlikely of places, only to discover warmth and safety in the form of a handsome, tattooed bartender.



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Westward Bound
a Jackson Brothers Prequel

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Coming Soon toAudio!!

True love conquers all, but can it survive in the Wild West?


With the threat of war growing more real by the day, Henry Jackson faces an impossible choice. Virginia is divided, with half the state poised to secede, leaving the Jackson family farm teetering on the border that will divide the north and south. He accepts the government’s promise of land and a fresh start in the untamed western territories to protect his wife and their three boys.


Despite the distance from the unrest, the Jacksons exchange one danger for another. The challenges of their new life are many, especially for Leticia, Henry’s wife. Leaving behind her family home, friends and neighbors, and many of her cherished family keepsakes is beyond difficult. Letty finds frontier life more demanding than expected, the loneliness, and the new rules put in place to protect her almost too much to bear.


As a greenhorn pioneer, she finds herself in one scrape after another, and the decisions she’s often pushed to make aren’t wise. His wife repeatedly risking injury or death is something Henry will not abide. Although his devotion is unquestionable, his patience eventually wears thin. Determined to keep the woman he loves safe, he lays down the law. Will his firm hand dampen her spirit? Or will Letty finally accept that her home and heart have always been with Henry and her boys?

Coming Soon Neon Light_edited.jpg

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