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Slow Burn Daddy is Live!

Sometimes the fire of passion needs to simmer before it can burn red hot...

As a little girl, Piper Monroe didn't have the luxury of believing in fairy tales. Abandoned by her father and left with her alcoholic mother, she and her three siblings grew up fast. Years later, when Lieutenant Brody Murphy of Boston Fire rescues Piper from a burning building, the handsome-as-sin firefighter does more than just save her life. He shows her kindness, gives her a place to stay, and makes her question everything she thought she knew about knights in shining armor.

Nurturing and tender, Brody is happy to be patient with Piper as she struggles to accept his feelings and her own desires. But he won't let her tightly-built walls stand between them forever. Proving to her that he's the type of Daddy who won't bail when life gets difficult is just the beginning. He's also prepared to take her over his knee when she misbehaves if it becomes necessary. Will Piper's heart finally open up to the tough but unconditional slow burn love she's always needed?


Here's one of my favorite scenes from Slow Burn Daddy:

"Something over her face, smothering her, pulled Piper from a black pool of unconsciousness. Her lungs spasmed, and she coughed. She reached up to knock it away, but a hand caught and held hers, preventing it.

“Easy, now, little lady. Leave that on. It’s helping you breathe.”

Her eyes opened. Above her were the warmest, most beautiful pair of brown eyes she’d ever seen, in a face so perfect, it couldn’t possibly belong to anything of this earth. He must be an angel, which meant she died in the fire.

“Is this Heaven?” she asked with a smoke-harshened rasp in her voice.

“No, Piper.” His lips curled up on the corners, making tiny lines appear beside his eyes. “It’s Boston, which, if you ask me, is pretty much the same thing.”


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Congrats on your new release. I haven't read any of your books yet, but It looks great. I love the cover too.


I like the review that Stats23 gave on Goodreads and the comments "oh my" and "oh yes" moments for characters and readers. It looks like a sizzling sexy read.

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