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Coming Out of a Slump

The past year has been rough (major understatement). I went from the highest of highs, the birth of my first grandchild, to the lowest of lows by internalizing all the tragedy and negativity going on around us, and like so many, depression set in. It's hard to focus and write steamy romance when your head isn't in the game.

So, what did I do other than eat? Yes, I gained my pandemic fifteen--and then some. I focused my talent on what I could do to help and Cowboys for a Cause (a multi-author compilation of short stories and novellas that raised tens of thousands of dollars to feed hungry families through Feeding America) came to fruition. After it was published, I wrote in spurts but nothing cohesive, so I ended up with a lot of starts to several books but no finished products.

Sometime around April '21, I started coming out of my dark place and began writing again. I also put a lot of the pieces-parts together, and Devil's Playground, which I tried to work on for over a year, was finally finished. Gideon's Redemption was revised and re-released under my indie author brand, and, Tough Love 4, as of Monday, is in my editor's hands. I have a writing plan for 2022, and the future for my author career looks much brighter. Thank goodness!!!

Now I have to hope I haven't been forgotten. In this biz, more so than academia, it is indeed "publish or perish."

Thanks to all my readers for being patient. Yes, there are more dominant aliens, badass cowboys, sexy sirs and masters, and stern daddies heading your way. And, as always, thank you for your ongoing support of my books.

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Cindi Evelyn Knowles
Cindi Evelyn Knowles

I love the graphic above, I laughed out loud. I am sorry you went through a rough time but I am glad that you got your mojo back!

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