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Will the Second Time be the Charm?

Available August 26th on Amazon and KindleUnlimited:

Or pick up the paperback now:

He’s a rock star ready for an encore.

Can she find the courage to give him a second shot?

Nearly a decade after being callously tossed aside, Shannon Hughes unexpectedly finds herself face-to-face with Gideon Eli, the man who broke her heart. As gorgeous and domineering as ever, in the years since their split, his career has exploded. Beloved by fans all over the world, he is now filthy rich. Unfortunately for Shannon, she can't forget the fact that he left her to raise their child on her own. Or so she thought.

When Shannon learns of the scheming insider behind their breakup, she's overwhelmed with remorse for her lack of trust. Discovering that Gideon still wants a second chance leaves her overjoyed, but his terms for reconciliation are unexpected. Surrendering control to Gideon is one thing, but forgiving herself is quite another. Can his enduring love convince her that it's safe to let go of the past and finally build a beautiful life together?

Publisher's Note: Gideon's Redemption is a sexy standalone second chance, enemies to lovers romance. This re-release of one of Maddie's early books has been revised, expanded, and given a facelift. It contains adult themes, domestic discipline, and spanking. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Here's an excerpt... They meet again:

The sound of a low baritone voice caused her skin to erupt in goose bumps. The smooth, velvety timbre thrummed across her sensitive nerve endings, playing havoc with her wits and taunting her senses. When they’d been together, just the sound of his voice whispering in her ear during sex got her off faster than a horny prom date. Now, nearly ten years and buckets of tears later, it still had the same visceral effect.

Her eyes flew around the table, freezing on the man who spoke. Wavy brown overly long hair brushed his broad shoulders. His muscles flexed and bulged beneath his form-fitting shirt when he reached up and speared his fingers through his hair, brushing it back. It was a habit he had when concentrating.

She stared at his hands, a musician’s hands, specifically a guitarist. The long, tapered fingers allowed him to play any chord with ease. Although his back was to her, she’d recognize Gideon’s talented hands anywhere, but even more, his voice.

As she stood there, gaping like a fool, one of the other men nodded at her and commented, “Looks like our waitress is a fan, G. Why don’t you flash those pearly whites and charm her into serving us before the ice melts and they’re too watered down to drink?”

He twisted in his chair and looked up at her with his unforgettable moss-green eyes.

“Shannon?” He stared for a moment, eyes moving over her face, before a small smile curved his lips.

She’d kissed those lips, and they had glided over every square inch of her skin.


She didn’t have any clue how to handle this situation. Flustered, she decided to focus on the job at hand and treat him like any other customer. At least that was her plan, although she had little confidence of pulling it off. Her nerves were like the fragile bubbles in the mug of beer she held—ready to burst at any second.

“I’m sorry for the delay, gentlemen. Who had the bourbon?”

As she passed out the drinks, she felt his stunned gaze upon her.

“Corona?” She didn’t need to ask. It was his drink of choice ten years ago. As he reached for it, she knew that hadn’t changed.

Drinks delivered, she was ready to leave.

“How have you been, Shannon?”

“Fine,” she answered tersely then addressed the table. “Can I get anyone anything else?”

When no one answered, she tried to extricate herself without having to talk to him further, but he persisted.

“You look great. You haven’t aged a bit in ten years.”

“Thank you, but if you’ll excuse me, I have other tables.”

But as she turned to leave, he grabbed her wrist. Temporarily paralyzed by his touch, she looked at his long fingers wrapped around her.

Her mind flashed back to the many times he had done that in bed. He liked to be in control, often holding her down and frequently tying her up. He was an adventurous lover and had introduced her to quite a few naughty delights she never dreamed would be pleasurable. The thought of their lovemaking and the easy playfulness that they’d shared had the ache building in her chest. Worse, the stirrings of desire unfurled inside her, and a hint of moisture gathered between her legs.

Her fickle pussy had a mind of its own. Despite the crushing blow he delivered, it craved Gideon and only him, which was why she was still single so many years later. No other man ever did it for her. They’d been sporadic. The names of the men who’d tried and failed could be counted on one hand. Those who’d actually gotten her in bed, on one finger.

There were signs it wouldn’t happen with the other four, well before they got to first base. If her body had anything to say about it, especially her lonely pussy, if he asked her to go home with him tonight, the word yes would shoot out of her mouth so fast, she’d choke.

After what he’d done, how could she be so weak-willed?

“I really have to get back to work.”

“I want to talk to you, Shannon. Can you meet me after? What time do you get off?”

“That’s not possible. Please, let me go. I’ve got other customers.” Looking over, she saw Anton scowling at her. “Gideon,” she pleaded softly, “don’t do this. I really need this job.” She felt his grip loosen fractionally, giving her an opportunity to pull away.

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